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本文摘要:iPhone owners only have a couple of days left to get their battery replaced cheaply as part of an Apple programme.几天后,苹果手机用户就无法再行以昂贵的价格替换手机电池,这个项目已被回避在苹果服务内容外。


iPhone owners only have a couple of days left to get their battery replaced cheaply as part of an Apple programme.几天后,苹果手机用户就无法再行以昂贵的价格替换手机电池,这个项目已被回避在苹果服务内容外。The reduced-price replacements last until the end of the year, at which point the cost will dramatically increase. For the moment, a new battery costs only £25 – but once the new year arrives, that will rocket up to as much as £65.低价的电池替换将持续到年底,预计价格会剧升至。

目前新的电池只需25英镑,年后将涨价到65英镑。Old batteries can cause significant problems for their owners as iPhones age. With use, the power begins to drop – something that can lead to phones lasting for much less time, and to Apple having to slow down phones to ensure that they dont crash because theyre not getting enough power.随着苹果手机用于年限减少,原有电池对手机用户的会导致各种各样的问题。电量不会大大上升,待机时长变低,用户必需减缓用于速度才能保证手机会因为电量严重不足宕机。


It was the revelation that Apple was doing that – throttling performance on older phones, in line with more spectacular rumours that swirled before it was admitted – that led to the cheap repairs in the first place.据揭发,苹果于是以抨击旧款性能,更加有谣言散播,称之为此举目的再行让用户替换低廉的电池,不过一切仍未获得苹果否认。When that story came out over the Christmas period in 2017, Apple apologised and said that as part of a range of ways of making it up to customers it would knock down the price of replacements, allowing people to restore their phones performance if their battery had been degraded.2017年圣诞节就有此类众说纷纭蔓延到,苹果为此致歉并说道为了让填补用户,方法之一就是配件降价,让消费者的手机电池发育时好能完全恢复性能。That meant that any affected iPhone battery could be swapped out for just £25. Once the programme is over, the same service will cost £45 for most phones, and a full £65 for the iPhone X.也就是说任何受到影响的苹果电池都能以25英镑的价格展开替换。




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